International Agents and Distributorships

international agents and distributorshipsWe are living in a shrinking world, but with ever-expanding possibilities.

You cannot read about business, finance, commerce or consumerism without hearing about global trade, international markets, outsourcing, offshoring, foreign licensing, multinational corporations, EX-IM Bank, the IMF, the WTO, the United Nations, multinational collaboration, international diversification (of currencies, assets and consumer bases) foreign exchange (FOREX) or the Interconnected and Interdependent World Economy.

Your organization, whether it is an entrepreneurial start-up, a new emerging enterprise, or an established manufacturer or services provider, must accept the Global Marketplace as a reality.

You can either take advantage of its vast, easily reachable potential, or you can be left behind while your competition pushes you aside and passes you. The greatest growth opportunities for smaller businesses are now international. E-Commerce and the ever-expanding assortment of communications via “smart” devices such as phones and tablets for example, have all but broken down all geographical barriers to conducting robust, profitable business with consumers worldwide.

The once-substantial cost and the expenditure of time traversing the globe (by ship or hot-air balloon) to establish a “trading company” — of breaking into the international economy, or of “going global,” are no longer impediments. Technology and Global’s expertise have removed all barriers. The world can be yours.

With advanced communications capabilities, the internet and the help of Global, you can take your company to new heights, new markets, new sources of new and diversified sources of revenue throughout both established and emerging economies… these are realistic, achievable new possibilities for fast-track expansion.

Firstly, Global will work with you and your company to determine where your optimal geographical and demographic possibilities for market pioneering and penetration exist. This initial study is expertly conducted and is critical to creating successful overseas operations. We analyze consumer trends, competitive market entrants, government regulations, trade restrictions, quotas and other essential factors.

Global will then locate, qualify and negotiate in your organization’s behalf with prospective agents and distributors (established enterprises and persons with the appropriate proven credentials, credibility, connections and credit) with “feet on the ground” in the target geographical market or markets selected and advise and assist you in the creation of joint ventures (JVs), representation relationships, licensing agreements or limited agency arrangements – whichever is the best choice in your specific case.

These agreements and arrangements will minimize expense and risk in the process of entering prospective new markets by giving your company and its products or services and brand a ready-made foothold where you need to be. We will also advise and assist you with making financial arrangements (we can provide you with trade financing and credit insurance) to allow you to readily book sales to your income statement as your newly-developed representatives and agents order actual inventory (if applicable), and with facilitating the administrative documentation and logistics associated with shipping goods internationally.