Engineering / Project Management

engineering project managementThere is a critical path leading from concept to completion in the creation and ultimate commercialization of any product or service. Design, development and production are integral steps along this critical path to deliverability, and each step must be executed with expertise and efficiency. Costs must be minimized while productivity is being maximized – and these two often conflicting objectives are further subject to the maintenance of a consistent standard of quality in order to insure marketability. Navigating this complex, multivariate scenario requires creative, inspired engineering.


Global Edge offers an extensive range of consultative engineering services to its clients, including, but not limited to: all aspects of design, development and production; statistical process control (SPC); comprehensive Total Quality Management (TQM); ISO compliance [in accordance with the standards set forth by the International Organization For Standardization]; team-oriented problem solving [including the 8D Approach (used in the automobile industry, among others)], Advanced Quality Product Quality Planning (APQP), and a host of other technical, technological and engineering-training services.


When there is a special project which must be undertaken for the benefit of the organization and the organization either lacks the financial resources, the employee skill set or the risk tolerance to address it internally, outside project management is oftentimes the most efficient and effective solution.


Global Edge provides highly scope-focused client-centric project management services including planning, supervision, implementation, monitoring of progress both pre- and post-objective attainment and post-engagement support as required. Global Edge’s project management solutions are practical, scalable and may either involve supervision and monitoring of your in-house team, or the insertion of our own team, specially selected to accommodate the scope of any given engagement. Our project objectives are closely synchronized with yours, and allow for a project completion on time and within budget. We pride ourselves on managing your expectations as well as your project.