Incorporating Offshore or In Another Country

Group Of International Business People Talking To Each Other InThere are a number of reasons why businesses may choose to either re-domicile their entities or headquarters or charter new separate affiliated entities overseas or offshore. Some of these reasons typically include greater privacy from competitors, security of intellectual property, tax advantages, reduced tariffs, government benefits offered by some nations to newly-established or re-locating businesses, logistical considerations, portfolio diversification, risk management and mitigation, lawful asset protection, cost reductions in the supply chain and improved access to developing markets or resources. GEI will facilitate introductions to highly-qualified, well-vetted company formation agencies and registrars in order to best serve your needs. While GEI may provide you with a direct introduction to a specialized international company formation service, we advise our prospective and existing clients to seek the advice of legal and tax counsel prior to entering into any significant business arrangement or course of action.