How can I establish a valuation for my company?

Valuation Of A Company - A Complex And Subjective  Task

Establishing a valuation for your company is necessary for selling your business to a third party; taking your private company public; merging with another company or acquiring another company; engaging in a buy-sell agreement; issuing such incentives as stock purchase options… It is important that the valuation be properly documented, that the computation be strongly justified and supported and that the actual process be undertaken and overseen by an impartial, objective third party with the appropriate credentials.

The valuation of a company changes over time depending upon the company’s performance and other variables, so periodic valuations of your company are important to stakeholders, creditors and potential investors or acquirers. Global Edge International can provide you with valuation formulas for your use in strategic planning, or we can find you the right valuation expert for your purposes and industry.