Corporate Restructuring and Turnaround

CORPORATE RESTRUCTURING AND TURNAROUNDGEI has a number of highly-experienced experts at dealing with business turnarounds and company restructurings on both a financial and a managerial level and across a full spectrum of industries and situations. The senior consultants at GEI are seasoned problem- solvers, and not simply critics or advisors. Whether you are beginning to experience losses due to decreasing revenues (brought about through technological disruption, competition, or for a myriad of other reasons) or because of increasing operating expenses or overhead costs, GEI can help your enterprise to get back on course in a timely and efficient fashion. We will not only determine and isolate the root cause of the losses; we will also devise the appropriate tactical and strategic plan for your recovery and oversee the actual implementation of that plan. Where necessary and appropriate, one of our senior consultants can become your organization’s chief reconstruction officer (a temporary but vital position) and act as your negotiator and voice to creditors, vendors, employees, lenders, senior management groups and shareholder groups. GEI will do more for you and your company than to merely run a public relations campaign… We will proactively engage ourselves with you, at your side, in order to effect the necessary course correction; and we’ll stay with you to manage and monitor implemented changes until your turnaround or restructuring has really taken hold.