Access Growing International Markets

ACCESS GROWING INTERNATIONAL MARKETSIf you would like to increase your revenues by exporting your products or services to other countries, no matter what your size or number of months or years in business, GEI can advise and assist you through its Virtual Export Division Program. You don’t have to be an expert; you don’t have to travel internationally; you don’t need a great deal of capital; nor do you need to hire staff or allocate additional work to your existing staff in order to create a network of reliable overseas agents, distributors and representatives, or to sell directly to businesses (B2B) abroad. All that is required for you to quickly and inexpensively enter these fast-growing global markets is a computer, a Skype account and a telephone. GEI will work closely with you to help ensure your success. We’ll set you up, put you in touch with well-vetted overseas counterparts, and get your enterprise to a point where your Virtual Export Division becomes a significant profit center without you ever having to leave your office. Let GEI do all of the back office work and “heavy lifting” for you so that you and your company can rapidly enjoy an ever-increasing, diversified supplemental stream of revenues and expanded profits.