Board of Directors


Douglas Castle

Mr. Castle has invested the bulk of his career in cultivating and building new businesses and in “fixing” established, but “broken” ones with serious problems as well as having been a senior level strategic consultant, advisor and director to a large number of companies across a very diverse group of industries. He has spent in excess of thirty years working with small to medium-sized businesses and Not-For-Profit organizations [both domestic and multinational] performing responsibilities from counseling start ups and high-growth profile companies to dealing with well-established businesses which had developed problems threatening their market positions or their very economic survival.  As a subject matter expert, he has also taught and trained executives across multiple industries in Corporate Financial Management, Strategic Growth Management and Effective Negotiations.

Mr. Castle has successfully dealt with companies in Chapter 11, in “debtor in possession” or “trustee in possession” status. In his role as a turnaround and workout expert, Mr. Castle has negotiated with creditors (secured and unsecured, lenders and vendors), investors, employees, major clients, new capital sources, joint venture prospects, possible acquirers and other key parties.

Mr. Castle also has extensive experience with mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, Employee Stock Ownership Plans, Management Buyout/Buy-in Plans and shareholder takeovers of managerial control. He supports growth through serial modular acquisitions and careful, delicate company culture realignments.

Mr. Castle has worked with a number of unusually promising early-stage entrepreneurial entities in the capitalization and production or trade financing areas. During the course of his career, he has raised a tremendous amount of capital (mostly debt and convertible debt, with some pure equity) to facilitate either the initiation or aggressive furtherance of new companies’ garnering a significant share of a niche marketplace with a thorough risk assessment, evaluation, mitigation and containment plan. To these younger companies, he has brought a great deal of experience, capital contacts, strategic planning expertise, interpersonal/recruitment skills, international supply chain sourcing, emerging global marketing expertise, trade and transaction financing, as well as the necessary credit guarantees to propel them into the international markets inexpensively.

Mr. Castle’s current engagements, affiliations and projects include The Douglas Castle Consultancy And Advisory International as Senior Consultant; GLOBAL EDGE TECHNOLOGIES GROUP LLC as Managing Member and Executive Director; GLOBAL BUSINESS INTEL™ as Senior Consultant; Mojave Jet Group, LLC as Advisor – Financing, Co-Venture Negotiations, Strategic Planning And Investor Relations; and Virtual Assist USA as Advisor To The President.

Mr. Castle’s previous employment, engagements, affiliations and projects include: Acting CEO and Managing Member of CrowdFunding Incubator LLC; Interim Director of Corporate Communications – Consultancy THORIUM ENERGY, INC.; Corporate Management Consultant & Advisor for Numerous Corporate Consulting Engagements involving strategic planning, obtaining debt and equity financing, performing corporate valuations, preparing risk assessments and devising plans to mitigate and contain determined risks, chartering offshore banks and reinsurance companies (as well as other operating IBCs) and arranging inter-corporate relationships and combinations; Adjunct Associate Professor (Department of Banking, Finance and Investments) Hofstra University School Of Business, Hempstead, New York; Intelligence Analyst and Negotiator for Kroll International; Senior Financial Analyst — Special Projects, Divisional Profitability Analysis, Transfer Pricing Modeling and Computation National Westminster Bank, USA, Hempstead, New York and New York, New York.

During the course of his career, Mr. Castle has arranged institutional financings (both new capital and replacement capital through refinancing of existing debt) in excess of $13.5 billion, reduced (through negotiation) bank debt, institutional debt, bondholder debt, guaranties, surety arrangements and obligations under capitalized leases by more than $150.0 million and restructured (through conversions) bonded debt, vendor debt and employee compensation into either equity or into options to purchase equity of more than $100.0 million.

Mr. Castle has a BS in Economics and an MBA in Public Accounting. You can find out much more regarding his professional background and experiential history at http://LinkedIn.com/in/douglascastle, his LinkedIn profile.


Robert Fried
Vice Chairman

Mr. Fried, an electrical engineer and international businessman, arranges sourcing for numerous technical items as well as for the manufacturing, representation and distribution of these items. He has a track record of establishing credible long-term relationships with suppliers, purchasers and clients internationally and has over 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry in both engineering and marketing capacities. Mr. Fried has extensive experience managing multinational and multicultural cross-functional teams. As a project and department leader, he has been successful at bringing new products to market, troubleshooting quality problems, and putting together Marketing plans. Mr. Fried has conducted numerous training seminars throughout his career. He has also been involved with import and export logistics.

In 2006 Mr. Fried founded Midarome Electronics, a firm specializing in both engineering and marketing consulting for the semiconductor industry, as well as selling semiconductor test equipment and components. Prior to starting his own company, Mr. Fried held numerous management-level positions including Director of Product Marketing at both PanJit Semiconductor and Vishay Intertechnology, Technical Marketing Director at General Semiconductor and Director of Product Engineering at General Semiconductor. He is currently on the Board of Directors of the Sperry Federal Credit Union. Mr. Fried has a BS in Physics, an MS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA.


Carolyn Hart

As an innovator in a variety of roles with many organizations in both the private and public sectors, Ms. Hart has a track record of taking on challenges with success. Her employment, consulting and volunteer engagements in the business, public and non-profit sectors have included some highly diverse projects which required innovating, educating, problem solving, negotiating and mentoring activities.

In the magazine publishing industry, Ms. Hart developed financial, cost accounting, production, forecasting and profitability measurement methods for products and operating divisions as well as protocols for evaluating, presenting and managing circulation operations to improve forecasting and increase profitability. She has had experience with budgeting, forecasting, variance analysis, breakeven analysis, circulation operations, direct marketing methods and market research; has evaluated outside vendors; has had input into the development of computer programs for simulating businesses and meeting their needs for tracking, analyzing and reporting results of operations and various strategies; has managed personnel in accounting & finance and circulation operations, has made presentations to existing and potential clients and has edited and written articles for newsletters. In addition to her work in the magazine publishing industry, she served as a board member for a private school.

Companies she has worked and/or consulted for include McGraw Hill, Inc.; Business Week Magazine; Newsweek, Inc; Children’s Television Workshop (CTW); CBS, Inc (Magazines); Policy Development Corporation; R. L. Polk; The Economist; Science Magazine and New York Magazine. Ms. Hart has an MBA.