Expert Advisory Board


Gary Barello
Human Resource Management and Leadership Training

Mr. Barello, SPHR, is a highly accomplished senior business and human resources executive, with 30+ years of global expertise in diverse industries, including financial services, government, manufacturing and technology – at both publicly-held and privately-held corporations.

Mr. Barello currently serves as Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development at Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. in addition to serving as Board Chairman at Sperry Associates Federal Credit Union and as a Board Member of the Maurer Foundation. Prior to joining Biodex, Mr. Barello served as a senior human resources executive at MSC Industrial Direct, Bethpage Federal Credit Union, and General Semiconductor.

Mr. Barello has served as an Adjunct Professor at Dowling College since 2001. He has also served as a Lecturer for Long Island University’s American Management Association certificate program. He is certified as a trainer for the Center for Creative Leadership and Franklin-Covey. Mr. Barello holds a dual Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Spanish and an MBA.


Allen Blaske
Manufacturing Processes and Quality Systems

With 35+ years involved in engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance management in several industries, Allen Blaske is an expert in manufacturing processes and quality systems. His experience includes both implementing and auditing quality systems such as ISO 9000 and TS 16949. He has also improved manufacturing efficiency and implemented JIT manufacturing methods at several companies. By implementing improved manufacturing processes and quality systems, Mr. Blaske has helped turn around several failing companies.

Mr. Blaske is currently VP of Quality and Manufacturing at Magnacoustics and a consultant for various clients. His prior experience includes Director of Process and Development at Varo Semiconductor; Director of Development, Facilities, and Manufacturing at General Instrument; VP of Manufacturing at Velox Semiconductor; Director of Supplier Quality Engineering at Maxtor and Iomega; Director of Worldwide Quality at Texas Instruments; and Certified Auditor for TUV. Mr. Blaske has a BSEE and MSEE.


Gary Horsman
Internet Marketing and Online Business

Mr. Horsman, has worked extensively in the field of Internet Marketing since 2003. Prior to 2003 he worked in the areas of business development in a variety of roles in Ireland, Japan and the United States.

His experience spans engineering, quality control and quality systems and marketing. Mr. Horsman also completed a special program initiated by the Commerce Department of the United States, with training at MIT, to study manufacturing and business development of large global manufacturers.

Mr. Horsman is President of A Global Reach, an Internet Marketing and Online Business Development Company. He is also the author of the popular Blog, SEO Notebook.

Mr. Horsman consults on projects with a significant focus on the education of clients and the development of their skill set. This enables clients to do more and better business.

He has served on various boards and is a regular presenter at SCORE and at the Veterans Administration Management Development Program.

Mr. Horsman holds a BSEE.


Stuart Mayer
Patent Attorney

Stuart Mayer is the Co-Founder of Mayer & Williams. With an academic and technical background in physics, Stuart has advised a diverse group of clients for more than 20 years on their complex intellectual property matters. The core of Stuart’s legal work is patent prosecution. He has prepared and prosecuted hundreds of patents in various technologies.

In addition to representing a number of Fortune 500 companies, Stuart serves as the primary intellectual property resource for several high technology start-ups, for which he has sometimes acted as both general counsel and chief patent counsel. In his role as chief patent counsel, Stuart has led the development of strategically and commercially important patent portfolios. He directs ongoing design- around efforts that often begin at the preliminary stages of project development. Dr. Mayer has developed patent programs for numerous high technology start-up companies leading to the creation of strategically important and commercially valuable patent portfolios, successfully directed design-around efforts to avoid competitors’ patents, advise clients on ongoing patent litigation (both plaintiff- and defendant- side) by providing strategic analysis of patent portfolios.

Prior to co-founding Mayer & Williams, Stuart worked for AT&T Bell Laboratories as a patent attorney, where he prosecuted patent applications, conducted infringement and validity studies, and counseled clients on transactional matters. He also coordinated the patent agendas for a number of research departments and supervised the preparation and prosecution of applications by outside counsel. Stuart began his legal career as a patent agent with the intellectual property law firm of Kenyon & Kenyon.

Dr. Mayer has a J.D. and a Ph.D. in Physics. He has been admitted to the bar in New Jersey, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Sherman J. Miles
Attorney with Diverse Knowledge and Experience in Business and Government

As a licensed attorney in Ohio and Pennsylvania with a private law practice, Mr. Miles has a successful track record with experience in Federal, State and Appellate Courts.

Previously, as Director of Finance for a municipal government in Ohio, Mr. Miles served as Chief Financial Advisor to the Mayor and City Council and as liaison for the city’s liability insurance and workers compensation, analyzed collective bargaining agreements and other compensation issues, managed a budget of ten million dollars across forty funds, prepared and updated the city’s budget throughout the year, and maintained the city’s accounting records.

Mr. Miles’ background also includes experience managing the constituent caseload and writing press releases for the Ohio Senate President in office at the time, researching prospective congressional legislation in the US House of Representatives, and analyzing the budget and motor vehicle laws for Ohio’s Department of Public Safety.

Mr. Miles holds a J.D. Degree with Honors in Legal Research and Writing, and undergraduate degrees in Finance, Accounting,  Human Resource Management, Political Science and History.


Shashi Mohan
Business Set-up, Accounting, Financial and Operational Management

As a Fellow Chartered Accountant in India, Mr. Mohan has more than 20 years of experience in accounting, financial and operational management. He has been responsible for the set up and operational management of over 150 overseas brands in India including implementing internal control procedures.  Mr. Mohan has also set up and monitored local and overseas businesses, assumed responsibility for international taxation and transfer pricing, conducted internal and external audits, provided operational support, monitored banking activities, arranged financing for commercial loans and working capital, managed the design, implementation and monitoring of management information systems (MIS) and engaged in strategic planning for subsidiaries/associates/JVs from USA, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Mauritius, Cyprus and the African continent.

Past positions have included Head of Corporate Services, Maier +Vidorno (German Consulting Company), New Delhi, India and other senior positions in finance and Accounts in the Middle East and India.

Mr. Mohan is GEI’s Executive Representative and Trusted Correspondent throughout all of India. He is the Senior Partner of the Chartered Public Accountancy firm of Rakchamps &Co., LLP [http://www.rakchamps.com] as well as being a Co-Principal in the management consulting firm and business accelerator for emerging enterprises of Excelor India Consulting Pvt. Ltd. [http://www.ExcelorIndia.com] and holds a Bachelor of Science degree.


Franco Oboni and Cesar Oboni
Risk Evaluation, Assessment and Containment, Internationally

Dr Oboni, and his partner, Cesar Oboni are perhaps the world’s greatest experts at identifying, quantifying and mitigating all manner of risks, from very real political and physical perils, to multivariate effects on commodities prices and logistics and infringement of rights. While their company, RisKope, principally works with either Fortune 1000 Companies, or with governmental or international agencies, they are becoming increasingly involved in utilizing their expertise to serve the needs of entrepreneurial enterprises and small businesses. Both gentlemen are expert statisticians, technical writers and presenters. They are not only expert at identifying and quantifying risks, but they are excellent at contingency planning, crisis management scenarios and reducing insurance premiums for their clients which are based upon perceived and not real threats. Dr. Oboni has a PhD in Geotechnical and Civil Engineering.


Tom Terlizzi
Strategic Planning

Tom Terlizzi is Vice President and Co-Founder at GM Systems LLC, a management and technology consulting firm, providing strategic planning for mergers, acquisitions, marketing, sales and high technology product development. GM Systems also offers proposal support, training and technology transfers for start-ups and established corporations.

Tom has held the positions of Vice President, General Manager, Director of Marketing/Sales, Chief Engineer, Operations/Engineering Manager and Senior Development Engineer at various companies including Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions Plainview (Now Cobham Semiconductors), Norden (Division of United Technology now Northrop-Grumman-Westinghouse) , General Instrument Microelectronics (Now Microchip)  and Grumman Aerospace. He spearheaded acquisitions and mergers of several high tech companies and drove ISO9000/Military quality certification and qualification processes. Mr. Terlizzi has a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering.


Karl Tettmann
Growth Technique and Validation

Mr. Tettmann is the author and architect of the GROWTH TM Technique and the Validation Principle, as well as an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker. He has worked closely with people from around the world in business helping them achieve their growth success by validating their decisions first, then empowering their team to fulfill their growth plan.

Mr. Tettmann brings a unique skill set to our team by first helping companies validate their opportunity for growth. His approach determines the effort required for growth with regard to how growth affects every component of the company right down to cash flow analysis. Through his Validation Principle, Mr. Tettmann calculates the break-even point for growth by determining the total effort, cost, duration and returns in order to make solid executive decisions. In addition, Mr. Tettmann helps organizations improve team dynamics by eliminating conflict through strengthening communication and building trust.

Mr. Tettmann is a regular guest speaker and a natural on stage who has spoken on behalf of various organizations as Business Development Bank of Canada, Human Resources Development Corporation, Universities and Colleges, and various business organizations to mention a few.


Peter VanderHelm
Business Turnarounds and Continuous Improvement

Peter VanderHelm is a Chartered Professional Accountant (C.P.A. – C.G.A.) with expertise in business turnarounds through practical consulting. Over the past 30+ years he has worked with numerous organizations in the USA, Canada and South Africa in the Food processing, Automotive manufacturing, General Contracting & Development, Geothermal and service industries. These companies include Canada Packers, NAPEV Construction, and Long Manufacturing, Echlin Automotive, Dana, Drake Beam Morin (D.B.M.).

While working in the automotive parts manufacturing industry Mr. VanderHelm became familiar with the “Kaizen” philosophy of continuous improvement. By applying the “Kaizen” philosophy and using tools such as Pareto analysis, the Taguchi method for designing experiments, the JIT production method and other tools along with his teaching and leadership skills, Mr. VanderHelm has helped turn around failing companies.

Mr. VanderHelm has given lectures and seminars, both live and over the internet for outplacement firms, employment agencies and local colleges. He has served on the financial boards of various organizations over the past 30 years, works with a number of diverse clients and is part owner of several business ventures.


Karin Williams
Patent Attorney

Karin Williams is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Mayer & Williams. Karin offers clients 20 years of experience as a patent lawyer, including several years as in-house counsel for AT&T Laboratories and Sony Corporation. Her client base includes Fortune 500 companies specialized in broadband communications, consumer electronics, diagnostic systems and digital technologies.

Karin has wide-ranging experience in complex patent prosecution matters. She is particularly skilled in the management of large-scale patent prosecution projects involving the coordination between in-house counsel and outside attorneys. Karin regularly advises clients on diverse technologies.

Karin started her legal career at Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto, where she primarily focused on patent litigation. During her years as an in-house patent lawyer at AT&T and Sony, Karin counseled the companies on patent prosecution matters in the areas of consumer electronics, Internet, electronic commerce, encryption, optical communications systems, and network architecture and performance. She also conducted infringement and validity studies, advised clients on transactional matters, and supervised and managed outside counsel. Ms. Williams has developed a comprehensive patent portfolio involving end-user applications and features resident on mobile communication devices and conducted due diligence and clearance studies associated with the development and commercialization of optical communication equipment for an emerging company. She has extensive experience representing clients in complicated procedural matters and appeals before the US Patent Trial and Appeal Board and has prepared over 100 patent appeal briefs and pre-appeal briefs with a high success rate.

Ms. Williams’ degrees include a J.D. and a BSEE.  She has been admitted to the bar in New York and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.