About Global Edge International

Global Edge International Consulting Associates, Inc.
(“Global Edge International” or simply “Global Edge”) is a full-service management consulting firm which proactively advises and assists our clients, which are small- to medium-sized enterprises (from entrepreneurial start-ups through well-established companies) across a full spectrum of industries. We are headquartered within the United States, but we perform work for clients located almost anywhere in the world.

Unlike some of the very large and well-known consulting firms, such as McKinsey & Company, Booz Allen, Bain and KPMG, to name but a few, we are quite unique in both 1) the very broad nature and scope of our client service offerings, and 2) our special standards of practice for the benefit of our clients. By way of example, we:

  • Assess client needs and expectations in close conjunction with you, our client, instead of merely coming in to “do a job” or “take on a given assignment” without having established a thorough and comprehensive understanding of your specific individual requirements, priorities, objectives and special strengths and weaknesses. In this way, Global Edge can be certain to structure our engagement with you (as well as your expectations of us) in a holistic and professional manner which truly addresses everything that you need;
  • Completely and totally respect and honor your right to confidentiality. When you share information openly with us, no third parties will ever have access to it, or even to the fact that we have been engaged by you, unless you expressly grant us permission to share some portion of your information, and then only if it is absolutely necessary to fully and successfully attain the objectives of our engagement together;
  • Know that your time is as valuable as ours. We won’t ever take you or any of your personnel off task to lighten our workload – our understanding is that our consultants must work around your schedule in order to make our relationship as positive, accommodating and unobtrusive as possible. And yes… we work nights and weekends as may be necessary. Global Edge will never waste a minute of your time or your valuable resources;
  • Don’t just prepare voluminous reports and make “suggestions for improvements”. No, we assess your situation, offer you understandable, straightforward suggestions for solving problems and/or attaining goals (and spelling out the increments or steps required to arrive there), and then we roll up our shirtsleeves and work side-by-side with you (and the appropriate employees of your organization) on the implementation of each suggestion. Our success depends upon your satisfaction. We’ll be with you all the way to the finish line;
  • Our fees are quite reasonable and our suggestions incorporate flexibility, scalability and modularity in order to allow for your organization’s growth in size and success. Global Edge always operates within the scope and budget of your Letter of Engagement, so there are no hidden charges and over-budget billings.

We perform our services as Project Management Teams whose combined skill sets are precisely those necessary to our engagement with you. One of Global Edge’s Consultants will oversee the Project Management Team which conducts the engagement – and either he or she will personally provide you with progress reports at frequent and regular intervals until the defined objectives of the engagement have been achieved.

We are communicators – we personally engage with each and all of our clients at the chief executive or board of directors’ level. And we know how to listen to your feedback to us, and we’ll always stand at the ready to act upon it. No two clients or organizations are exactly the same, and we acknowledge and respect that you and your situation are unique. Your individuality will be reflected not only in our Letter of Engagement or the Project Management Team selected to partner with you, but in how we fit into a comfortable rapport and working partnership with you and your organization.

You, as our client, will be constantly apprised of our professional efforts on your organization’s behalf, and you will never be left to wander or wonder. We are invested in your victory